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Do you have a will?  Does your existing will take into account your current family situation?
One of the few certainties in life is that none of us are here forever.  It is also true that living as we do in a country with complex legal & administrative processes, we should all have a will to organise our affairs when we do die.  Dying without a will (called “intestate") usually makes it more difficult for those we leave behind.

There are financial aspects to consider, but there are other equally important matters which need to be dealt with. For example, you need to appoint legal guardians for your children or the state will do it for you, and any gifts you want to make need to be recorded. If you have specific wishes on how your funeral is to be conducted these can also be included in your will.

All of these points & more can be simply recorded in a legally binding will to ensure that what you want to happen after your death , does happen; and we can help you to make sure it does.

To arrange your will we visit you in your home or place of work, by prearranged appointment.

We visit locations in Berkshire, Hampshire, Middlesex, Oxfordshire and Surrey.


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